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“The song ‘26 Miles’ put Catalina on the map and made the Four Preps household names.” ~NBC Today Show

“‘26 Miles’, it was California, the ocean and girls—hell it was everything I wanted to be or do.” ~Jimmy Buffet

“You could call it the first surfer hit.” ~Dick Clark

“The Four Preps lent a charge of inspiration to the material Brian (Wilson) was developing.” ~The Nearest Faraway Place: The Beach Boys and the Southern California Experience by Timothy White


“I had a hell of a good time reading this book!”                     ~Bill Medley—The Righteous Brothers

“‘26 Miles’ was a super song that captured a very special time in my life. Bruce tells the story so colorfully, it’s a pure joy to read.” ~Nancy Sinatra

“Rich experiences with the Preps being in the very middle of the Rock Era, riding the crest and helping it all happen!” ~Pat Boone 

“A wonderful peek into the catacombs of the music business chock full of great stories from a master story teller.” ~Jim Yester—The Association

“… a wild and crazy entertainment journey not to be missed.” ~Brian Beirne,     Mr. Rock N’ Roll®, Legendary Radio Personality and Music Historian

“This book makes me so happy I went out in the surf to catch a few sliders.”     ~Kathy “Gidget” Kohner Zuckerman

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Subsequent Versions of The Preps:

01 THE FOUR PREPS POSTER 89-93 1080.jpg
02 THE FOUR PREPS 93-99-adj-1080.jpg
03 THE FOUR PREPS POSTER 2007 1080v2.jpg
04 THE FOUR PREPS POSTER 2009-19 1080.jpg
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